Shin, Kwang-hee

Shin, Kwang-hee: He worked for the independence movement in America after he came from Mexico.


He initially came to Yucatan, Mexico as a slave laborer in a farm. After a heavy slave work for the next year, he also worked for the Korean National Association branch there for three years. In 1914, he relocated to California. Upon his ar- rival, he immediately joined Hung Sa Dahn and he carried badge # 57. He opened a profitable rice business in Northern California and he also worked for Willow Flight School as a treasurer supporting armed independence movement. He donated $1,000 for independence funds and the Provisional Government in Shanghai sent him a letter of appreciation in 1920. He passed away on July 30, 1941 at a Bakersfield convalescent home at the age of 63. In 1995, the South Korean government posthumously recognized him with the Order of Merit of National Foundation / Patriotic People Award for his munificent contribution to the Korean independence movement.