Rev. Song, Hun-young

Rev. Song, Hun-young: He supported Dr. Syngman Rhee through Dong Ji Hoe.


He came to America in 1932 with the help of an American missionary.  Upon arrival, he met Syngman Rhee to join Korean independence movement. He worked at Dong Ji Hoe church without compensation. Prior to arriving in the United States, he was a school teacher at Soong- Sil school in Pyongyang in the North. However, due to his alleged implication with the 1919 Manse incident, he lost his job and assigned to a remote mission school in the South. Instead of studying, he worked as a pastor at a church and donated the funds for independence cause. He died in 1972 at the age of 84. In 2014, the South Ko- rean government posthumously recognized him with the  National Foundation Commendation for his service in the Korean independence movement.




▲ Group photo session at reception party at Korean Dong Ji Hoe Church with Korean students studying in America. Rev. Song is seated circled sixth from left on the second row from the front.