Rev. Hyun, Soon

Rev. Hyun, Soon: He was the Provisional Government’s Vice Foreign Minister and donated independence funds in Hawaii.

현순He immigrated to Hawaii in 1903 to study the Bible and returned to Korea in 1911 for missionary activities. He was active in preparing and planning the March First Independence Movement with a few declaration signatories. He was dispatched to Shanghai so that he may send the Declaration to U.S. President Woodrow Wilson for the necessity of Korean independence. When the Korean Provisional Government was established in Shanghai in 1919, he became the Vice Foreign Minister. Later, he made efforts with Dosan Ahn chang Ho to unite the Korean organizations. He was active in collecting and sending independence funds to the Provisional Government from Hawaii. In 1963, the South Korean government posthumously recognized him with the Order of Merit of National Foundation / Independence Award for his support and contribution toward the Korean independence movement.

Rev. Hyun, Soon and his wife Mary ▶ with two children in Hawaii. (1920)

▲ Hyun, Soon(right) and Choi, Chang-sik post March First Independence Movement in 1919.

▲ Hyun, Soon clad in ancient royal robes.

▲ An Old building for U.S. Diplomacy Committee in Washington D.C, (December 1921)

▲ Tomb of Hyun, Soon at Dong Jak Dong National Cemetery in Seoul, Korea after it was repatriated from Los Angeles in 1975.