Rev. Ahn, Chang-ho

Rev. Ahn, Chang-ho: He served for Korean independence with Christian ministry in Hawaii.


Rev. Ahn lived his life for Korean independence while leading his ministry for the patriotic enlightenment movement with his Christian faith. After graduating from Pai Chai in Seoul, he taught at school. During March First Independence Movement, he was actively supporting it. He was arrested by the Japanese police for his harboring older brother of Yoo, Gwan Soon, who led the patriotic movement, pastor Ahn was released after serving 6 months in jail. In 1926, he came to America and served a church in Hawaii. He was actively involved in forwarding independence funds to the Provisional Government in Shanghai and he sent $1,000.00 to Kim Goo in 1931 and with this, Kim Goo prepared a bomb and handed it to another patriot Lee, Bong Chang who threw the bomb at the passing by Japanese Emperor on January 8, 1932. His relationship with Kim Goo was special. When Kim Goo returned to Korea in 1945, Kim Goo personally sent pastor Ahn two Korean raised chickens, a gesture of friendship. He briefly returned to Korea in 1946 and stayed for six months. He married Choi, Bae-sae in 1901 and had three children: Lea, Shina and Chul-young. He died on December 30, 1966 at the age of 81. In 2002, the South Korean government repatriated his remains to Dae Jeon National Cemetery. After his passing, his grandson Ahn, Hyung-joo, a historian, published Rev. Ahn’s papers in 2012. In 1993, the South Korean government posthumously recognized him with the National Foundation Award for his financial support and efforts for the Korean independence movement.

◀ Rev. Ahn, Chang-ho(2nd from right)