Park, Hyung-moo

Park, Hyung-moo: He participated in NAPKO Project and published Free Korean Press.

Park was initially conscripted into Japanese forc- es fighting in Southeast Asia when he fled to surrender to the British army and later transferred to the U.S. Forces. He was eventually flown back to the stateside and finally in Catalina Island in Southern California for the sole purpose to receive a clandestine guerrilla training. The guerrilla training instructor Lee, Tae-mo happened to be the son-in-law of Jeon, Myeong- woon who attempted to assassinate pro-Japanese “foreign policy advisor” to Korean king. During his training, Japan unconditionally surrendered. Park was transferred back to a POW camp in Ha- waii. Later, he published a weekly Free Korean Press for the unity and harmony of Koreans. In 2008, the South Korean government posthumously recognized him with the National Foundation Commendation for his efforts for Korean solidarity toward Korean independence.

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