Park, Chong-soo

Park, Chong-soo: Park performed a battalion commander for the Greater Korean People’s Army in Hawaii.


Park hailed from Pyongyang. In Hawaii, he acted as a battalion commander for the Korean People’s troop to support the Provisional Government in Shanghai. It was an occasion when Park, Yong-man established the Korean Youth Troop in Hawaii in 1914 and maintained a closer relationship with Yi, Sang-sul in Vladivostok for Korean Liberation Army as well. Numbers ranging from 100 to 300 soldiers received an extensive courses of military training. He was more active particularly when the Greater Korean People’s Army was disbanded in 1917 and the Provisional Government was established. When Kim Goo from Shanghai called for financial support, Park was at the front lines to hold a campaign and collect- ed independence funds to be sent there. In 1997, the South Korean government post- humously recognized him  with  the  Order of  Merit  of  National Foundation  /  Patriotic People Award for his sacrificial contribution as a battalion commander to the Korean independence movement.




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