Lim, Sung-woo

Lim, Sung-woo: He was the president of Hawaii Korean National Association and provided a major financial support for Kim Goo’s special assassination plot.


He joined and actively participated in Park, Yong-man’s Korean army training and collecting independence funds to them over to the Provisional Government in Shanghai and many independence  organizations.  He  participated in Kim Goo’s special covert operations where patriots Yun, Bong-gil who killed Japanese generals   in Shanghai and Lee, Bong-chang attempted to kill the Japanese Emperor Hirohito with a hand grenade, but failed in Tokyo. He sent $1,000 on November 15, 1931 to Kim Goo for those patriotic assassination operations. Later,  he  became the first  president  of  the covert patriotic group and he was also elect- ed to be the president of the Korean National Association in Hawaii. He generously supported those covert operations including Korean liberation forces in China through financial means. In 1997, the South Korean government posthumously recognized him with the Order of Merit of National Foundation / Independence Award for his generous financial contribution to the Korean independence movement.


◀ Independence patriots in Hawaii: Lim, Sung-woo is seated in the center of the front row.