Lee, Gang

Lee, Gang (4.16.1878 ~ 10.13.1964)

이강He came to Hawaii in 1903 and next year, he moved to San Francisco. He actively helped Dosan Ahn Chang Ho to found Gong Lip Hyup Hoe and became an editor in chief of
the Gong Lip Shin Mun. In 1907, he assisted Dosan to organize Shin Min Hoe. When Korean National Association was established in 1909, he traveled to Vladivostok to open
Korean National Association there. He was active in planning and carrying out the plan to assassinate Japanese Ito Hirobumi. He collected $1,500 for legal defense. When he was speaking in China, he was arrested and transferred back to Pyungyang to serve 3 years sentence. In 1962, the South Korean government recognized him with the Order of
Merit of National Foundation / Independence Award for his contribution toward Korean independence movement.