Kong(Pai), Baek-soon aka Inez Kong Pai

Kong(Pai), Baek-soon aka Inez Kong Pai She eloquently argued the importance of Korean independence to American society.


Inez was a Hawaii born second generation Korean immigrant. She finished her elementary, junior, senior and colleges in the United States. She was flawless in both Korean and English. She was committed to the Korean independence movement under Syngman Rhee for diplomatic fields. Her dad was a custom tailor in Hawaii and actively supportive of Dr. Rhee’s efforts for Korea’s independence. When Inez was in junior high, she topped in a speech contest. She even translated  a  Korean  poem  into  English  for an American audience. In 1942, she made a speech in Washington D.C. that Koreans should participate in the Pacific War in cooperation with the United States against Japan strongly arguing for Korea’s independence. She contributed many articles to the English editions of Shin Han Minbo and Gook Minbo during 1942 and 43. When she was 16, her mother took her and he younger brother to Korea and toured Mt. Diamond. During this trip, Inez realized a huge mission of self- determination and Korean independence. She married Bae- Eu- hwan  in  1941.  Her husband served a president of Bank of Korea under Syngman Rhee and ambassadors in Great Britain and Japan during Park, Chung-hee governments. The only son, Dr. Gregory Pai was a professor at University of Hawaii. In 1998, the South Korean government posthumously recognized her efforts with the National Foundation Commendation.