Kim, Dong-hyun

Kim, Dong-hyun: He paid independence funds as he wrote an article on the fall of Japan at Shin Han Min Bo newspaper.

In 2014, the South Korean government posthumously recognized him with the Order of Merit of National Foundation / National Foundation Commendation for his contribution toward Korean independence movement as he wrote articles about the collapse of Japan in September 1919 titled “The Ingrate Japan Shall Collapse.” He also financially contributed from 1910 through 1937.

One thought on “Kim, Dong-hyun

  1. Brian Young

    I am the Great-Grandson of the Political-Exile ‘Rev. John Youn’, who was brought over by Dr. Rhee sometime between the years 1905-10. Our family doesn’t know the details of John Youn beyond family stories, news articles, etc. We have no photos of him or even his birth name in Korea. We know that Yi and Yoon are two of the family names, and our DNA show we have the rare Haplogroup of O-CTS713-47z from the ‘Yayoi Era’. He took on the persona of a Street Preacher in Spokane/Tacoma and San Francisco/LA, married Marie Adeline Cloud in 1913. Is there anyway you can find more on him for us? My number is 580-478-9246 and my email is here. For a time, we assumed that he took the usual route of immigration, by Contract Labor to Hawaii but he never appeared in any Naturalization paperwork from any State in any decade. So that means that he was never made legal. In 1944 he was nearly placed in an Internment Camp after Pearl Harbor, and changed our surname from ‘Youn’ to ‘Young’, still Korean, but less obvious. Thank you, and we are eager for anything you might know or have on him.


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