Kim, Chang-se

Kim, Chang-se: He joined the Provisional Government in Shanghai upon graduation from Severance Medical School in Seoul.


He was an early leader of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. After a brief study in Japan, he graduated from Severance school, and proceeded to study further at John’s Hopkins Univeristy. He received his doctorate degree in microbiology there. After he joined Hung Sa Dahn (Membership #121), he took care of health for Dosan Ahn Chang Ho serving as a medical doctor in his cause for Korean independence. He later married a younger sister of Lee, Hae-ryun, wife of Dosan Ahn Chang Ho. He worked diligently to have Ahn Chang Ho released from prison when Dosan  as  implicated with Yun, Bong-gil incident in Shanghai. He filed  many  petitions  with  the  U.S.  Senate and the Federal Council of Churches in close cooperation with Dr. Philip Jaisohn in 1932. It is believed that he had committed suicide in New York in 1934. In 2001, the South Korean government posthumously recognized him with the National Foundation Commendation for his fervent service and efforts for Korean in- dependence.


◀ Kim, Chang-se and his wife, Lee, Shinsil, a younger sister of Lee, Hae-ryun. Lee, Hae-ryun is wife of Dosan Ahn Chang Ho.