Hwang, In-hwan

Hwang, In-hwan: He contributed independence funds by working as a chief editor of the Pacific Times.

Ever since Korean immigration to Hawaii started in 1903, Korean communities spread in many parts of the United States. After Stevens was assassinated by Chang, In-hwan and Jeon, Myeong-woon in 1908, the birth of Korean National Association came into being in February of 1909. He became a chief editor of Gook Min Bo, a weekly publication of Korean National Association to eradicate illiteracy, promote education and Korean independence support. He was active in supporting the Provisional Government in Shanghai in China. His birth and death are  unknown. In 1997, the South Korean government posthumously recognized him with the Order of Merit of National Foundation / Patriotic People Award for his contribution toward the Korean independence movement.


▲ Board members of Korean National Association Memorial Foundation (from left: Min, Pyong-yong; Kwon, Young-shin; Yoon, Hyo-shin and Kookhi Bae Kim) uplift a newly discovered Korean national flag during a restoration repair of the building.