Hong, Earn

Hong, Earn: He was an author, a life-time Korean National Association man and an independence movement activist.

홍언In 1902, he immigrated to Hawaii. He was active in consolidating Hap Sung Hyup Hoe and Gong Lip Hyup Hoe to found Korean National Association in February of 1909. As he was so preoccupied in that organization, he was called a Life Time Mr. Korean National Association. In 1911, he became a chief editor of Shin Han Min Bo to educate the Koreans for patriotism for the next four years. He was playing a major role in creating Hung Sa Dahn on May 13, 1913 in San Francisco. He had badge number 7. He became the vice president of Korean National Association in March of 1919. His mission was to education Chinese community for Korean independence movement. While he was engaged in ginseng business, he financially supported Kim, Goo’s organization. He was elected as vice president of Korean National Association

in 1931. He was hugely influential in the Chinese community. In 1940, at age 60, he became a chief editor of Shin Han Min Bo for the next three years. He passed away on March 25, 1951 in Los Angeles. He was 71. He was buried in Rosedale Cemetery. In 1997, the Korean government repatriated him to Dae Jeon National Cemetery in South Korea. In 1995, the South Korean government posthumously recognized him with the Order of Merit of National Foundation / Independence Award for his unwavering dedication and contribution toward the Korean independence movement.

▲ Hong, Earn spearheading the Korean independence movement through the media was working in the field in Central California.

▲ Hong’s handwritten congratulatory poem for Susan Ahn, the eldest daughter of Dosan Ahn Chang Ho, for usan’s admission to the university.