Hahn(Kim), Duk-sae

Hahn(Kim), Duk-sae: She contributed Korean independence funds from Kim Brothers in Central California.

한(김)덕세Hahn, Duk-sae and her husband Kim, Hyungsoon were Korean independence patriots. She graduated from Ewha Hakdang school and married in 1909. They both moved to a farm in Reedley in Central California. She met Mr. Charles H. Kim, who taught math at her school. Her husband and Charles H. Kim incorporated a company called Kim Brothers for fruit packers and shippers. She became the partner of their business. It was the largest and successful business enterprise in the West in the 1930s. They had two daughters: Mary and Ruth. The story goes that while she wanted her daughter Mary to marry Dr. Syngman Rhee, her husband did not. In 1944, she participated in the Korean Women’s Patriotic League and the United Korean Committee in America. She donated independence funds from 1921 through 1945. In 2014, the South Korean government posthumously recognized her with the Order of Merit of National Foundation / Presidential Commendation for her contribution toward the Korean independence movement.

◀ Hahn, Duk-sae and her husband Kim, Hyung-soon with business poster Kim Brothers.

▲ Dr. Marn J. Cha, President of Central California Korean History Center shows the inside of the house of millionaire Kim, Hyung-soon.

▲ Tombs of Hahn, Duk-sae (Daisy) and husband Kim, Hyun-soon (Harry). Epithet inscribed she is from Jeolra-do and he is from Gyungsang-do Province.