Dr. Arhur Y.S. Kim

Dr. Arhur Y.S. Kim : He was a medical doctor / commander of the Tiger Units during WWII.

Arthur Y.S. Kim was actively supporting the Korean independence movement as a medical doctor. He graduated from Harvard medical school in 1928 and passed the board in California to practice in Los Angeles, California. Tiger units were recognized by the Provisional Government for Dr. Arthur Kim to be the commander. He learned and was trained for three years at Korean Youth Military school to stage future anti- Japanese struggle. He also pushed a campaign to collect funds for the Provisional Government in Shanghai, China. In December of 1943, he authored an article in an issue of The New Korea. He wrote: “In accordance with the Cairo Declaration, Korea shall be liberated. Its process and course of Korean liberation shall be in a complete freedom and an absolute sovereignty.”  Later, he was chosen to be in charge of foreign affairs in the United States to work for diplomatic channels and related promotions for justification of sovereign Korean independence.In 1998, the South Korean government posthumously recognized him with the Order of Merit of National Foundation /  Independence Award for  his  resolute efforts toward Korean independence.


◀ Dr. Arthur Y.S. Kim seated second from left with his wife to his right and his daughter Jennet to his left at her daughter’s 16th birth day party at Biltmore Hotel in Los Angeles. (1945)