Chung, Jae-kwan

Chung, Jae-kwan: He participated in independence movement in Russia after he established Gong Lip Hyup Hoe.


He came to America in 1902 with Dosan Ahn Chang Ho and established Gong Lip Hyup Hoe in 1904. He published Gong Lip Newspaper as an official publication in November 1905. When Shin Min Hoe was established in April 1907, he joined and continued activities in America. When Durham Stevens, a foreign adviser Japanese government recommended, said to San Francisco newspaper that the Japanese occupation is good for Koreans, Korean residents were indignant. He and other Korean representatives went to visit Stevens for a retraction and apology, Stevens flatly rebuffed. Koreans hit Stevens with chairs. In 1909, he re-organized the Korean National Association to be its president and renamed Gong Lip Shin Mun to Shin Han Min Bo. He then traveled to Russia to join the Korean king’s emissary in the Hague in 1909 organizing groups to instill Korean independence spirit and he supported Ahn Joong-geun who had killed Ito HiroBumi in Harbin, China. He was active in supporting  the  March First Korean Independence Movement. In 1990, the South Korean government posthumously recognized him with the Order of Merit of National Foundation / Patriotic People Award for his dedication from Russia to the Korean in- dependence movement.