Chun, Sae-hun

Chun, Sae-hun: He donated independence funds by participating in the Korean National Associations in New York and Chicago.

천세헌He immigrated to Hawaii and worked at a sugar plantation in 1903. He started his own business in 1907. In 1913, he joined Hung Sa Dahn and he became a President of the Korean National Association of New York in 1917. It was in 1919, that he collected $219 for a diplomatic purpose. He started a restaurant business in Chicago beginning in 1923 and for the next 17 years, he has supported for the Korean community for their autonomous activities as their benefactor. In 1933, he offed a Japanese called Song-gang and this bold action uplifted Korean consciousness. In all, he has been supportive with financial funds for the Korean independence movement for almost 35 years. He died in June of 1945. In 1995, the South Korean government posthumously recognized him with the Order of Merit of National Foundation / Independence Award for his financial contribution to the Korean independence movement.



◀ Chun, Sae-hun and his wife Park, Keyyoung owned and operated a glass noodle restaurant in Chicago for 17 years beginning in 1923.