Cho, Pyung-yo

Cho, Pyung-yo: He gathered the Korean independence funds as President of Korean National Association in Hawaii.


In 1907, he organized a group called Jin Heung Hyup Hoe to launch a restoration and education movement including a publication the following year. In 1910, he consolidated his group into the Korean National Association to promote the Korean independence movement to American society.  When he received a letter from Kim, Goo  of  Korean  Provisional  Government  in 1920, he was active to collect the funds and he organized a Patriotic Association to assist Kim, Goo in special missions to carry out in China. He was elected as President of Korean National Association in Hawaii and he was actively working to collect funds with his
dedication. He passed away in 1961. In 1997, the South Korean government posthumously recognized him with the Order of Merit of  National Foundation / Independence Award for his dedication and contribution to Korean independence movement.





◀ Cho, Pyung-yo (third from left) and the representatives of the United Korean Committee in America.