Cha(Kim), Mirisa

Cha(Kim), Mirisa: She organized Dae Dong Gyo Yuk Hoe and Korean Women’s Educational Association.

차미리사In 1905, she came to America with the help of an American missionary and organized Dae Dong Gyo Yuk Hoe with a purpose to save the nation. In 1917, she returned to Korea sent by American Missionary to teach at Bae Hwa Girls School and its superintendent. She strongly urged the Koreans to regain its independence at any cost in life. Subsequent to the March First Independence Movement, she imbued the Koreans to retain their national identity and founded Korean Women’s Educational Association in 1920 to emphasize the education and change of life style of Korean women. She started a night school for women to eradicate illiteracy and contributed to
women’s enlightenment. She loved the rose of Sharon, the Korean national flower, and she planted them at school. She set up a curriculum for an embroidery class to learn to embroider the flower. In 1950, she founded Duk-sung Women’s University. She passed away in 1955. In 2002, the South Korean government posthumously recognized her with the Order of Merit of National Foundation / Patriotic People Award for her contribution to the Korean independence movement.