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막내 아들 Ralph Ahn이 형 안필립과 안필선 그리고 누나 안수라에 대해서 처음으로 쓰다  남가주는 위대한 독립운동가 도산 안창호와 가족들의 숨결이 살아 숨쉬는 땅이다. 독립운동중 순국하기 까지 도산 안창호는 한국과...

Ralph Ahn이 쓴 큰형님 Philip Ahn

Our Brother: Philip — Dedicated to His Father The year was 1925 when his father, Dosan Ahn Chang Ho, sat with his twenty year old son and described to his son his feeling of remorse as he was preparing to leave his family and home. He was packed and ready to depart for Shanghai to […]

Ralph Ahn이 쓴 둘째형님 Philson Ahn

Philson, Our Brother, Dedicated to his father and family Philson was the second son of Dosan Ahn Chang Ho, born in 1912. Philson — always recalled two stories about himself and his father when he was about seven years old. The first incident was when his father was taking him to get a...

Ralph Ahn이 쓴 누나 안수라

Soorah Ahn Buffum, Dedicated to Ease the Burdens of her Mother Soorah, the fourth child of Dosan and Hye Ryon Ahn  was always regarded by her family and friends as the person who would always furnish love and generosity. After she had graduated from the University of Southern California, Cum...