Ahn, Young-ho

Ahn, Young-ho: He worked at Korean National Association as a younger cousin of Dosan Ahn Chang Ho.


Dosan Ahn Chang Ho invited him in 1905 at age twelve and he attended a school operated by Methodist church and learned to sew work. He moved to San Francisco in 1915. He also worked as a truck driver in Reedley for Kim, Jong-lim there. He married Joanne Kim in 1925 where Dosan and his wife Lee, Hae-ryun attended. Later, he joined the Korean National Association, which Dosan founded and he donated independence funds for life. Dosan visited them when they lived in Sacramento and San Francisco. He died in 1975. In 2014, the South Ko- rean government posthumously recognized him with the National Foundation Commendation for his support for the Korean independence movement.





▲ Wedding picture of younger cousin Ahn, Young-ho and with Joanne in San Francisco. Dosan Ahn Chang Ho and his wife Lee, Hae-ryun were present in the group photo. (1925)